Friday, 8 July 2016

Orchids around Metfield

A pleasant hour at Winks Meadow. Among the thousands of Pyramidal Orchids all over the meadow there was a small group of about six of these. Each had that neat little circle of crushed grass in front of them which says "Multiple photographers were here". So I took some pictures:

They don't look like anything on the web site for Winks Meadow or on the information board there. After some time browsing the web and my pocket guide I decided they must be the same as these:

This is from a year or two back on a reserve just outside Lowestoft where Southern Marsh Orchids are the predominant species. So I'm guessing that's what they are.

The overwhelming orchids for July are the Pyramidal Orchids which are, happily, pretty ubiquitous all over the place.

The meadow itself is covered in them:

On the way back to Weybread I had to stop for a group of Common Spotted Orchids growing on the verge (with a few Pyramidals mixed in). This one came out nicely:

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