Friday, 17 February 2017

Spring canoeing

Beautiful morning yesterday with SW breeze and sunshine. Paddled with Mike Sherwen from Billingford to Syleham. It was a good day, full of herons, buzzards and another day-flying barn owl. Fantastic.

About 0.43 on the gauge.

Friday, 3 February 2017

On the marshes

Nice circular walk across the Haddiscoe Marshes a couple of days ago:

Having left the map at home I took a turn off on to the marsh one track too early so ended up on the wrong side of the dyke. Which meant a cautious step across a ligger:

And then a rather more cautious bum shuffle, feet first, over this ropey, tilted, slippery and very creaky plank into a bramble thicket to get back to the track proper!

The walk back, correctly located on a footpath, was much easier!

At the edge of the marsh was a lovely patch of feral woodland:

Even if it was rather damp under foot:

Canoe bathtime

Getting ready for some reinforcement panels inside and a coat of varnish all over. Spring is on the way!