Friday, 25 March 2016

Barn owl near Loddon

Another daytime hunting barn owl, lovely to see, between Loddon and Haddiscoe

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Aconites in Haddiscoe

Today the wind dropped, the sky was cloudless and I pushbiked for the meat shop to Beccles. Stopped on the way back to see what the Aconites looked like, the ones which were in flower in early February

Still very pretty and the leaves were a lot taller than during the flowering phase. Also Landspring Beck was looking nice in the sunshine.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Blades on Yarmouth seafront again

Forecast was for cloudy and cool. Definitely cool, but the sun came out for most of the day. The wind was not friendly!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Paddling the Blyth with 0.49m on the Billingford gauge of the Waveney

Paddled up the Blyth from Blyford Bridge up to just below the railway line on the edge of Halesworth Common. At this stage the river tributary was getting a little small:

It wasn't worth portaging up this one to get the last half mile to Halesworth centre

The bridge, soon after the start, was a portage both ways, oddly enough.

And the drop under the Blyford Bridge was well worth a miss at the current state of flow:

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Minsmere Haven beach walk

Deep in to Suffolk, roughly half way between Dunwich and Sizewell B.

Telephoto to Southwold, pretty much where I'd left the car in Walberswick, just this side of the harbour.

And looking South towards the power station, tucked away behind the hill on the right:

In all of the miles of brightly lit shingle I've yet to pick up an agate or carnelian. Very different from NE Norfolk where I'd usually pick up five or six on a walk...

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Shotford Bridge to Syleham Mill and back with 0.35m at Billingford

Paddling up the gravel rapids just below the sluice at Weybread is damned hard work and I had to carry up the last 50m. Easy paddle back down on the way home.

Weybread Sluice: A cautious water slide, bump down then lean back as there is piling within the small stopper which you need to keep the bow well out of. Easy enough in a play boat and a lot easier than the portage.

The weir at Needham is really just for the flow gauge, most of the river flow goes under the mill or down the little narrow side shute in the foreground here. Under low water the slope is dry and so with this minimal flow (0.35m on the gauge at Billingford) it's a rather harsh scrape down un-weeded concrete. Under high flow it is horrible, no wave and the back flow is from several meters downstream on to the weir face.

And from below

Lastly: Just below Shotford Bridge. The last little rapid of the series below Weybread Mill and sluice. At this flow it's paddle-able but much lower will need a walk or carry down. Deep water from here down stream to Mendham.