Friday, 4 July 2014

Lowestoft Angles Way

We have no windows at work. When slogging through my to-do pinboard becomes a little too much I go outside to see if the sun is shining. Sometimes it is! Then Angles Way beckons for an hour in my lunch break.

A small brown, possibly a Meadow Brown

And a Tortoise Shell

Nice hoverfly

Just a Campion but came out nicely

On the Angles Way

Wolsey's Creek

We went for a walk at Wolsey's Creek, half flood, moderate tide, bright and breezy, just needed jackets.

This is the view across Bulcamp Marshes towards Bulcamp House and Whitehouse Farm. It's really a level tidal mudflat rather than a saltmarsh.

Looking over the entrance to Wolsey's Creek, same view. There is supposed to be a footpath down the far mudbank but I have to say the mud looks rather soft!

Steps down to the hide of the freshwater marshes. This creek used to be the main channel of Wolsey's creek until it found a much more straight route to the Blyth. Well silted up now.

Suffolk WildlifeTrust grazes Konig Ponies on the freshmarsh inside the sea wall.