Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Short paddle from Bungay to Earsham Sluice

The drop at Roaring Arch Bridge:

The edge of the drop has quite a decent water cushion on the sill so the slide over is easy and, although the landing is on to flat concrete, that concrete is very smooth. An easy and fun shoot in a playboat.

Today's complete paddle was from Bungay above the Loop to the sluice at Earsham/Stow Fen. This will need a check of the depth for landing below the drop and some work to see how easy getting past the safety barrier above is going to be. And I guess a safety buddy/camera person would be a good idea too...

All in all a lovely morning, taking in the cut to Roaring Arch on the way back then really struggling on the upstream section through the Bungay gardens to the launch point. Lots of uphill pushing in shallow gravel runs. Still fun.

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